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News & Notes

Civic Responsibility in the Time of COVID-19

October 2020 - Restrictions on citizens, businesses, public venues and cultural activities have varied in Mississauga over the past months in light of the COVID-19 pandemic starting to peak again in our city.  Residents are continually deluged with information and instructions in successive (often daily) updates and press conferences from four levels of government, compounded by media saturation.  It is vital that we don't tune it all out.

Since April, residents have had ongoing civic responsibilities including strict physical distancing rules, masking, and now again, the strong recommendation to STAY HOME (unless necessary to go out for essential items or appointments) in response to the urgent need to yet again flatten the curve of new infections in Peel Region, now put back into Stage 2 (lite) by the Province as of October 10, 2020.

NOTE: Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health is officially recommending against trick-or-treating this Halloween in four areas of the province – Ottawa, Toronto, Peel (including Mississauga) and York Region, which are all considered COVID-19 "hot spots" and are back in modified Stage 2 restrictions.  Ontario Government: How to celebrate Halloween during COVID-19.  This decision is supported by the Peel Medical Officer of Health.

Importantly, how do we best help those suffering from increased social and financial hardship in our community while the COVID-19 restrictions remain in place?  Making a financial donation to The Compass Food Bank in Port Credit is the most impactful local action we can take now.  The need is growing every day and must be supported for several more months, as job losses persist and winter adds additional hardship.

Actions are also being initiated within Ward 1, and within the village of Port Credit.  TOPCA reps are participating on the Ward 1 Citizen Committee under the leadership of Councillor Stephen Dasko, as well as the Mayor's Resident & Ratepayers Association Consultation.

See: TOPCA's COVID-19 webpage for practical postings and links.

Port Credit Marina - Province refuses ICIP Funding

October 2020 - In late 2019 the City made application for a partial funding opportunity for the future of a full-service working marina in Port Credit, in response to a Federal/Provincial program called ICIP, specifically: "Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program – Community, Culture and Recreation Funding Applications.”

APPLICATION DENIED: Earlier this year, the City was informed that the Province would not promote Mississauga's ICIP application to the federal level.  As noted in the Mississauga News article (October 21, 2020): Mississauga's plans for ‘vital’ $71M Port Credit marina in doubt after province denies funding pitch.

In response, Ward 1 Councillor Stephen Dasko has written an Op-Ed submission (1p PDF; October 21, 2020) to the Mississauga News, entitled It is time to fight for the survival of the Port Credit Marina, noting that investment needs to be secured from all levels of government in order to 'Keep the Port in Port Credit'.  Click image of Letter (at left) to zoom.

View: TOPCA's Visual Deputation - 'Keep the Port in Port Credit' (35-slide PDF) made October 30, 2019 at the General Committee of Council (GC) in support of the City's proposed ICIP application.  It presents the case that the Port Credit Marina is a valuable waterfront INDUSTRY with great contributions to make to city building, tourism, economic activity (150+ marina jobs), place-making and the cultural identity of Mississauga's urban waterfront.

See: TOPCA's Marina Lands webpage.

42-44 Park Street East & 23 Elizabeth Street North

August 2020 - APPLICATION IN PROCESS: Edenshaw's 22-storey, 258 unit condo building proposal near the Port Credit GO Station.

Left: Applicant’s latest rendering of proposed 22 storey building (Elizabeth St. North facade at Park St. East).  Click image to zoom.

Redesign is underway based on feedback Edenshaw received on August 11, 2020 at a virtual Stakeholder meeting.

See: TOPCA's 42-46 Park St E & 23 Elizabeth St N webpage for more details, images, presentations, Facebook comment links and Google Maps street view Walkabout.

One Port Street East - EA Process for Proposed Marina

July 2020 (update) - TERMS OF REFERENCE - SUBMITTED: The City submitted the 1 Port Street East Proposed Marina Terms of Reference to the Province on July 10, 2020.  Approval may take approximately six months.

View: Terms of Reference Notice of Submission (1p PDF).

REVIEW: Terms of Reference (92p PDF; cover shown at left) via link on 1 Port Street East Proposed Marina webpage.

BACKGROUND: In July 2019, the City of Mississauga initiated an Individual Environmental Assessment (EA) process under Ontario’s Environmental Assessment Act for the 1 Port Street East Proposed Marina Project.

A well-attended Public Information Update was held at the Port Credit Legion on January 29, 2020 (promotional visual at left).

The EA will study the proposed expanded land base on what is known as the 'Eastern Breakwater' for additional waterfront parkland, and examine marina alternatives for this site, in view of the planned development by Canada Lands Company on the present site of the full-service Port Credit Harbour Marina.

View: TOPCA's Response (5p PDF; March 2, 2020) to the City project team, commenting on the Final Draft Terms of Reference.

See: TOPCA's Marina Lands webpage.

QEW Credit River Heritage Bridge - FOI Request

June 2020 (update) - DECISION RECEIVED: On June 8, 2020 we received the Decision from the Ministry of Transportation as to what would be released in response to TOPCA's FOI Request for all MTO documentation concerning the October 2019 announcement that the QEW Heritage Bridge over the Credit River would be demolished and replaced, despite years of public consultation and engineering plans to rehabilitate the heritage-designated bridge.

EXCERPT OF DECISION: "Partial access is granted to the requested records.  Some information is protected under the following sections of the Act:
• Section 12 to protect cabinet records; and,
• Section 18 to protect the economic and other interests of Ontario.

"Please note that the preliminary design report features numerous appendices and attachments.  Only those related to the condition or replacement cost of the bridge have been deemed as responsive to the request.

"Section 29(1)(b) of the Act requires that the requester be provided with the name and position of the person responsible for making the decision.  This decision was approved by Jennifer Graham Harkness, Assistant Deputy Minister, Provincial Highways Management Division under the delegated authority of the Minister of Transportation."

The released Ministry documents are available at this linkThe TOPCA Executive is reviewing the documents at this time.

BACKGROUND: The TOPCA Executive filed a Freedom of Information (FOI) request in November 2019 for all MTO documentation concerning the "decision" announced in October 2019 to demolish and replace the QEW Heritage Bridge (image).

We asked for all Ministry of Transportation (MTO) documentation supporting demolition of the QEW Credit River heritage-designated bridge, rather than rehabilitation as planned since the 2013 TESR and all public consultations up to November 2018.

Despite the provincial announcement (December 18, 2019) reversing the demolition decision, we still expect to receive data concerning the present condition of the heritage bridge and recent (2019) feasibility / cost studies comparing rehabilitation versus demolition and replacement.  FOI legislation commits to fulfilling requests within 30 days.  TOPCA reps have agreed to three (3) MTO-requested extensions.  The latest promised deadline was April 3, 2020 (now expecting information in June/July).

See: TOPCA's QEW Bridge - FOI webpage for complete postings.