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News & Notes

QEW Credit River Heritage Bridge - FOI Request

NEED FOR INFORMATION: Years of citizen consultation went into the final (November 2018) design of the QEW Credit River Bridge project and the resultant RFQ via Infrastructure Ontario in April 2019 (Provincial Government News Release, April 25, 2019).  Now one sudden Public Information Centre (PIC, November 7, 2019), is all that is needed to reverse course?  On what basis?  The "decision" is being presented as fait accompli without any supporting studies.

November 28, 2019 - The TOPCA Executive has filed a Freedom of Information (FOI) request ('how to' webpage) for all MTO documentation concerning the announced "decision" to demolish the QEW Heritage Bridge.  TOPCA's F.O.I. Request Form appears below.

We are asking for all Ministry of Transportation (MTO) documentation supporting the recent recommendation made some time in 2019, and announced in a Project Letter: October 25, 2019 (2p PDF) to demolish the QEW Credit River heritage-designated bridge in Mississauga, rather than rehabilitate it per the 2013 TESR and subsequent public consultations up to and including November 2018.

UPDATE: December 18, 2019 - Further to our FOI request filed November 28, 2019, and despite the provincial announcement (December 18, 2019) reversing the demolition decision, we still expect to receive data concerning the present condition of the heritage bridge and recent (2019) feasibility / cost studies comparing rehabilitation versus demolition / replacement.  FOI legislation commits to fulfilling requests within 30 days.  Given the holidays and amount of information sought, TOPCA reps agreed to an extension, to January 31, 2020.

FURTHER UPDATE: - The MTO FOI office requested a 2nd extension, to February 29, 2020.

A formal Letter from the MTO Coordinator, Freedom of Information and Privacy (dated February 21, 2020) has now requested a third extension for an additional six weeks, to April 3, 2020.

Click images at left to view the 2-page Letter from MTO.

See: TOPCA's QEW Bridge webpage for background.

One Port Street East - EA Update for Proposed Marina

March 2020 (update) - In July 2019, the City of Mississauga initiated an Individual Environmental Assessment (EA) under Ontario’s Environmental Assessment Act for the 1 Port Street East Proposed Marina Project.  A Public Information Update was held January 29, 2020 (Visual at left).

The EA will study the proposed expanded land base on what is known as the 'Eastern Breakwater' for additional waterfront parkland, and examine marina alternatives for this site, in view of the planned development by Canada Lands Company on the present site of the full-service Port Credit Harbour Marina.

View TOPCA's Response (5p PDF; March 2, 2020) commenting on the Final Draft Terms of Reference for the EA.

View TOPCA's Visual Deputation - 'Keep the Port in Port Credit' (35-slide PDF; October 30, 2019).  Making the case that the PC marina is a valuable waterfront INDUSTRY with great contributions to make to city building, tourism, economic activity, place-making and the cultural identity of Mississauga's urban waterfront.

See: TOPCA's Marina Lands webpage.

Port Credit 2029 - Series Kickoff

November 2019 - We are so excited about the Port Credit 2029 series kickoff at the TOPCA Town Hall & AGM on November 4, 2019 at Clarke Hall.

The Flyer (shown at left) reflects our growing list of sponsors, which is much appreciated so that we could provide hospitality to attendees and our guest speakers.

See: TOPCA's Port Credit 2029 webpage for more about this first Town Hall meeting in the series and ongoing updates as we view the evolution of Port Credit through this lens over the next decade.

TOPCA's Painted Bike Planters - Small Project Matching Grant from the City of Mississauga

PROJECT SUPPORT - At the TOPCA Heritage Bike Tour (September 29, 2019) we were thrilled to announce that TOPCA is the recipient of a Small Project Matching Grant (program description) from the City of Mississauga, to help us maintain our 'fleet' of painted bicycle planters over the next year.  The grant is directed towards painting supplies and new winter baskets which will provide a festive touch to the village during the cold months.

As well, we have received the City's go-ahead and support to install four (4) new bike planters around Port Credit which will have Spring plantings next year thanks to the grant.

All the bikes will bear new 'licence plates' with TOPCA contact information and also advising of the City's financial contribution to our bike planter project.  This new 'communications' feature for the bikes was written into our grant application and is an on-the-spot, public way to credit the City for its support this year.

We often see the TOPCA bike planters photographed, especially the 'signature' red one at the Port Credit Harbour, seen here (above) after its paint job (Summer 2019) with the help of students from Iona Catholic Secondary School (Twitter photos).

The Grant Program Project Theme for 2019 is: 'MOVE' - Active Transportation.  We can't think of a better way to have Port Credit residents and visitors "think bike" and consider riding their own bicycle around the village and beyond, to better enjoy the scenic waterfront and access the vibrant main street shops!

UPDATE (December 2019): We have completed the installation of festive winter baskets on the existing bike planter fleet, including the now snow-covered red Harbour bike (Twitter).