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Monday, October 15, 2018 @ 7:00 - 9:00 pm (doors open @ 6:30 pm) at Clarke Hall in Port Credit.  Set-up shown in image at left.  FREE.  ALL WELCOME!

► See the *SAVE THE DATE* Poster.  All eight (8) registered candidates (See: Mississauga Votes website) are invited to participate.  We will issue a FORMAT & RULES document for the debate, to ensure a fair and orderly opportunity for the candidates to communicate their messages and answer questions from the public (Ward 1 residents only).  Further updates will appear here.


CONGRATULATIONS: To Rudy Cuzzetto, our newly-elected MPP for the riding of Mississauga-Lakeshore after the recent Ontario Election on June 7, 2018.  The TOPCA Executive looks forward to collaborating with Rudy on issues in Port Credit and all along the Mississauga Waterfront, in the interests of the residents.  Thank you to former MPP Charles Sousa for over a decade of service to the community.


Wed. April 25, 2018 @ 9:00 am in the Council Chamber at Mississauga City Hall. Lakeview projects will be named for the late Jim Tovey.

► View the Livestream (later archived) of the Council meeting.

► View the Full Report for details (PDF: pp17-20 of the Council Agenda - Item 10.2).

► Click image (at left) for Summary of Recommendations.

THOUGHTS ABOUT RIBFEST IN PC?? TOPCA has been approached by the City for comment about the annual Mississauga Rotary RibFest (website) event being relocated from Celebration Square (at Mississauga's City Centre; image below), to Port Credit Memorial Park this summer. The event would take place July 12-15, 2018, with a day before and after for set-up and take-down, totalling a six (6) day period during which the Park would be largely inaccessible.

A Staff Information Report goes to Council on Wed. March 7, 2018 @ 9:00 am:  Agenda Item 10.4 includes the Information Report (3p).  *NEW* Additional Agenda Item 7.7 is a Deputation by the organizers re: '2018 RibFest Relocation'.

Watch the March 7th Council meeting on ~Live Stream Video~ (or later, once it is indexed and archived).  Click for video streaming.

Before TOPCA provides in-depth comment to the City, we need to hear from the community!  Please give your comments about RibFest in Port Credit on our Facebook Page entry.

JIM TOVEY - IN MEMORIAM: The Executive of the Town of Port Credit Association (TOPCA) is greatly saddened by the sudden passing of our Councillor, Jim Tovey. This loss and the impact of his departure from our civic life at this time cannot be overstated, and we are hearing from many residents about their heavy hearts and personal grief at losing the community champion of Ward “One-derful” as Jim liked to call it.

We wish to share some thoughts with our membership, and all who knew and loved him, including his dedicated wife Lee and their family.

Jim was a visionary, a policy guy, an activist, a tireless community advocate. He thought, then researched, then articulated, then worked, and WORKED, to achieve renewal for his beloved Lakeview, and also Port Credit, as part of an overarching vision for the Mississauga waterfront and its historic villages. Yes, he was Councillor for Ward 1, but his broad perspective was that of a city-builder.

Jim’s love and advocacy for preserving cultural and natural heritage is forever imprinted in the Lakeview Waterfront Connection project so dramatically taking form. We are gratified that on Sunday last, Jim was able to hear the accolades from so many environmental, government and political colleagues (including the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario) for his vision and accomplishments. The Morphology Exhibit in Lakeview is a fitting touchstone of this moment in the City’s waterfront evolution, but only one of many projects inspired and initiated by Jim to finally arrive at a restored and world-class shoreline along our part of Lake Ontario.

Jim was a paddler, a rocker, a cyclist, a carpenter, a leader. It is perfect that one with such lived and varied experience should find his destiny working with a community in need of a driving force to express and realize its ambitious Vision.

The future of the City of Mississauga is indelibly set on a new and exciting course, thanks to Jim’s inspiration, advocacy and passion, and history will bear this out as coming generations enjoy his legacy. The best collective tribute we can make is to stay this course and work together to achieve all that Jim knew our communities and our waterfront could be.

Jim often spoke of doing this work “not for ourselves but for our grandchildren” and we can take comfort in knowing he meant it and knew the legacy would outlive him.

RIP Jim, we won't forget you.

Mississauga News article: Visionary Mississauga Councillor Jim Tovey dead at 68

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OBITUARY including online GUESTBOOK.  "Following a private family service, a Celebration of Life will be announced at a later date. In lieu of flowers, please consider online donations to The Compass Food Bank" in Port Credit.

COMMITTEE OF ADJUSTMENT:  December 14, 2017:  TOPCA submitted a Letter to the Committee of Adjustment [3p PDF] re: File 'A' 533/17 (Ward 1) on the CofA Agenda (pp48-49), concerning 115 High Street West, owned by HIGH BENSON HOLDINGS INC, who requested a Reduction in the on-site parking standard.

HEARING LIVE-STREAMED: Via the Committee of Adjustment website (later archived).

View the TOPCA Lakeshore-Benson-High site webpage.

Images below:  Concept building plan approved at PDC on October 26, 2015.  The site is still vacant (as of December 2017) -- photo taken April 2017.

LAKESHORE CORRIDOR - GET MOVING! The TOPCA Town Hall Meeting & AGM took place on: Thursday, November 9, 2017 @ 7:00 - 9:00 pm at Clarke Hall in Port Credit.

At left is the detailed AGENDA, highlighting a Panel of expert speakers prior to the public Q&A portion of the Town Hall.

The Speaker Presentations are now posted below!

Visual Town Hall Framework: Challenge and AGENDA, Port Credit Planning Context, NEXT MEETINGS in November 2017 (14-slide PDF)

Susan Tanabe, Manager, Transportation Planning, City of Mississauga: Lakeshore Connecting Communities: Lakeshore Road Transportation Master Plan and Implementation Strategy (12-slide PDF)

Ellen Timms, General Manager, PCBIA: Port Credit Culture Node Review: Mobility Elements (19-slide PDF)

Carol-Ann Chafe, Accessibility Consultant and Advocate: Lakeshore Road Walking Audit: Is Port Credit Walkable and Accessibile? (22-slide PDF)

Yvonne Verlinden, Project Co-Lead, Toronto Centre for Active Transportation: TCAT Economic Impact Study: Bloor Street Bike Lanes Pilot (14-slide PDF)

NOTE:  The Bike Lanes on Bloor pilot project in Toronto has received a lot of attention, and came to a vote (and passed!) at Toronto Council on November 7, 2017, thus making the bike lanes permanent.  Hear from the TCAT Project Co-Lead who did the influential economic impact study (Report).  Then consider: Would bike lanes work on Port Credit's mainstreet (Lakeshore Road)?

Joe Perrotta, Director, Hurontario LRT Project Office, City of Mississauga: Hurontario LRT Project Update (6-slide PDF)

METROLINX: Port Credit GO Station Redevelopment Updates (4-slide PDF)

Christina Giannone (Project Director, Port Credit West Village Partners); Stuart Anderson (Senior Associate, BA Group): West Village: Mobility & Integration (23-slide PDF); Remarks by Christina Giannone (3p PDF)

CASE STUDY:  The West Village Port Credit mixed-use development proposed for the 72-acre brownfield in the midst of our waterfront village will be transformative. Successful integration with the surrounding community will require bold innovations – both on and off-site – in support of mobility.  What is proposed to enable 5000 new residents, along with 1000’s of daytime employees, shoppers, and park visitors to move along an already gridlocked Lakeshore Corridor?

NOTE: This year, the business portion of the TOPCA AGM (reports, election of officers) took place *after* the public program concluded.

Click to print the FLYER with a Membership Form.

PORT CREDIT HERITAGE BIKE RIDE:  Join us to celebrate Canada's 150th Birthday on TOPCA's FREE Heritage Bike Tour of Port Credit for Culture Days: Sunday, October 1, 2017 @ 10am - 12noon.  We meet at Port Credit Arena (map) starting at 9:30 am (must be there by 9:45 am for safety briefing).  Enjoy FREE Frozen Treats at the Arena after the ride! 
Click image for full-sized Poster.

We're also posted on TOPCA's Culture Days webpage.  We are excited to provide this contribution to the understanding of Port Credit's heritage: past, present and future!

ROUTE:  We will tour Port Credit heritage spots including parks, public art, landmarks, and neighbourhoods using cycling paths and quiet residential roads.  There are many about-to-be construction sites (as reviewed at our 2016 AGM) which have a story to tell!  Biking enables us to cover a lot of ground and see them!  15 km round-trip.  ► View the GPS file.

SPECIAL ACCESS: We have received permission to access the 72-acre site (aerial) of the future West Village Port Credit development -- a unique opportunity to view the interior of the Brownfield Lands before remediation work begins in November.  The service road is rough (images), so a hybrid or mountain bike is necessary to ride around the site -- NO Road Bikes.

MARSHALLING:  We are grateful that volunteer riding marshals from the Mississauga Cycling Advisory Committee (MCAC) will be assisting on this ride.  While marshals can help with minor bicycle adjustments, please ensure your bike is in good working order before you bring it to the ride (e.g. chain oiled and secure, tires pumped, gears working, seat height).  The marshals will reinforce their 10 Safety Guidelines for Community Rides.


1.  All participants must sign the Waiver and Release prior to participating.  Parents / guardians must sign for minors (under 18 years old), and accompany them on the ride.  The Waiver & Release for the TOPCA Port Credit Heritage Bike Ride (October 1, 2017) [2p PDF] is posted (please print, sign, bring to the event).

2.  All participants must wear a properly fitting Bike Helmet.   Please bring your own Water Bottle (we will have water refills available).  NO Road Bikes inside the 72-acre West Village (brownfield) property.

3.  Please bring non-perishable food donations to the start of the ride for the Mississauga Food Bank's Thanksgiving Campaign, as part of our community's response to Mayor Crombie's One Bag Challenge.

4.  All participants will receive a FREE Canada150 T-shirt (including the TOPCA logo) thanks to the Small Project Matching Grants program of Mississauga Community Services, Recreation Division as part of their Community and Neighbourhoods outreach.

View MAP of the Port Credit route (click to zoom)

PARKING MATTERS - STUDY:  March 2017.  This study, called Parking Matters (website) will help make future decisions about parking across the City.  As the City continues to grow and evolve, community parking needs are changing.  All kinds of parking are being reviewed in the study including: on-street and off-street parking, as well as public and private parking.  They are all an important part of our transportation system.  To learn more about the study, click here.

EMERALD ASH BORER:  In Spring 2013 City Forestry staff and contractors began implementing the City’s 10-year Emerald Ash Borer Management Plan to preserve 20,000 select City-owned ash trees from the effects of the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB).

NOTE: The City of Mississauga will not be treating Ash trees located on private property and the Forestry Section encourages residents to continually inspect their Ash trees and contact a certified arborist if they suspect EAB on their property.

Click for the City's EAB WEBSITE for the latest information.

WINTER AT PORT CREDIT HARBOUR:  The first snowfall on Dec. 27, 2012 highlight's TOPCA's iconic red painted bike planter installed on the pier.  See PHOTO ALBUM (7 images) on TOPCA's FB page.  Click this image for enlargement.