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News & Notes

QEW Credit River Bridge - DEMOLITION?

CHANGE OF PLANS!?  RECEIVED SUDDENLY: Notice of Study Commencement – Transportation Environmental Study Report (TESR) Addendum Study; and Public Information Centre (PIC) for the QEW Credit River Bridge *REPLACEMENT* Project.

NOTICE re PIC: Nov 7 2019 (2p PDF; rec'd Oct. 28, 2019).

NOTE: This project originally involved the rehabilitation of the existing Credit River Bridge, built in 1934 as an open spandrel concrete arch bridge, and officially designated under the provincial Heritage Act.  Construction of a new (second) Credit River bridge is still planned on the north side of the heritage bridge and needs to be built first.

MTO PROJECT TEAM UPDATE: "Rehabilitation / repair (while technically feasible) is no longer recommended.  Instead, the Province has chosen to take an alternative approach to life cycle asset management through demolition and replacement of the existing QEW Credit River Bridge rather than rehabilitation / repair of the bridge."

Project Letter (Oct. 25, 2019) announcing Demolition Plan (2p PDF; rec'd Oct. 28, 2019).

MTO P.I.C. WAS HELD: November 7, 2019 @ 4-8 pm at Anapilis Halls, 2185 Stavebank Road.  TOPCA reps attended and made comment, as did our Ward 1 Councillor Stephen Dasko.

Public comments were to be submitted until November 29, 2019 by email to Qazi Nasrullah, M.Eng., P.Eng. Senior Project Engineer (Design and Construction) Ministry of Transportation.   TOPCA made a written submission by the deadline, including all the comments appearing under our Facebook postings on this matter (to be posted here).

MTO Project information: See the renamed QEW/Credit River Improvement Project website.  NOTE: Display Boards, Notes and Presentations from all previous consultations and PICs have been removed.

See: TOPCA's QEW webpage for background.

TOPCA DEPUTATION: TOPCA reps registered on the Mississauga Council Additional AGENDA: November 20, 2019 (Item 7.12) to make a Deputation about the poor public process observed by citizens at MTO's Nov 7th P.I.C.

View TOPCA Council Deputation (November 20, 2019) re: 'QEW Credit River Bridge Demolition' (22p PDF, including many visuals).

Please consider making a comment on any of the TOPCA Facebook entries on this matter, to reflect community views.  The TOPCA Deputation is posted on Facebook hereNOTE: TOPCA Facebook comments here were referenced in our Deputation at the November 20, 2019 Council meeting; we all want to share citizen ideas!

TOPCA F.O.I. REQUEST:  Years of citizen consultation went into the final (November 2018) design of the QEW Credit River Bridge project and the resultant RFQ via Infrastructure Ontario in April 2019 (Provincial Government News Release, April 25, 2019).  Now one sudden Public Information Centre (PIC, November 7, 2019), is all that is needed to reverse course?  On what basis?  The "decision" is being presented as fait accompli without any supporting studies.

NOTE: It is the Minister Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries who actually makes the decision to allow demolition even despite provincial Heritage Designation of the bridge.

November 28, 2019 - The TOPCA Executive has filed a Freedom of Information (FOI) request ('how to' webpage) for all MTO documentation concerning the announced "decision" to demolish the heritage bridge.  TOPCA's F.O.I. Request Form appears below.

We are asking for all Ministry of Transportation (MTO) documentation supporting the recent recommendation made some time in 2019, and announced in a Project Letter: October 25, 2019 (2p PDF) to demolish the QEW Credit River heritage-designated bridge in Mississauga, rather than rehabilitate it per the 2013 TESR and subsequent public consultations about the QEW Credit River project, up to and including the November 13, 2018 PIC.

This is expected to include Budget, Costing, Feasibility, Condition, Design, Demolition and Procurement (RFQ, RFP) studies and reports, possibly created after April 25, 2019 (date of the RFQ announcement for the project) when the plan to rehabilitate the heritage bridge changed.

We are also requesting provision and/or online restoration of materials from all past public consultations (beginning in 2012) about the project, which have been recently removed from the renamed QEW/Credit River Improvement Project website, and which documented the public process and engineering scope/design decisions centred around rehabilitation of the heritage bridge.

We understand that MTO has commissioned a Heritage Impact Study (HIS) for the bridge demolition scenario; we are requesting the procurement documents and resultant HIS if and when it exists.

Under the FOI legislation, we are to receive a response within 30 days. We will keep the community informed throughout this process.

MISSISSAUGA COUNCIL POSITION: Demolition of the Heritage Bridge was on the Mississauga Council AGENDA: November 20, 2019 (Item 7.8).

View the unanimous Council Motion 0265-2019.

View the City Press Release (November 22, 2019): Mississauga Council Strongly Objects to Heritage Bridge Demolition by Ministry of Transportation.

COUNCILLORS AT THE BRIDGE: The Mississauga Ward MAP indicates the QEW Credit River Bridge site is at the juncture of Wards 1, 2, 7 and 8.  Councillors Stephen Dasko (Ward 1), Karen Ras (Ward 2), Ron Starr (Ward 6) and Dipika Damerla (Ward 7) visited the bridge site (map) on November 20, 2019 to highlight the City-wide concern about proposed demolition.  This image (with full caption) was published in the Mississauga News article (Nov. 26, 2019): Mississauga council, residents angry at Ford government's plan to demolish QEW heritage bridge.


HERITAGE MISSISSAUGA POSITION:  Heritage Mississauga Facebook Page:

"The QEW bridge over the Credit River was originally built in 1934 and is a fine example of Art Deco architecture.  The bridge was rehabilitated and widened in 1960.  The “ER” light standards are replicas of the original light standards from 1940, and were installed along the route in honour of the formal naming of the Queen Elizabeth Way (“ER” referring to “Elizabeth Regina”, in honour of Queen Elizabeth II’s mother).  The bridge features a stunning concrete arch structure.  The QEW Credit River Bridge is identified as a Provincial Heritage Property of Provincial Significance under the terms of the Ontario Heritage Act."

ACTIVE TRANSPORTATION: Close-up image of the QEW bridge, highlighting the utility corridor running underneath the deck, previously planned to provide an E-W active transportation connection over the Credit River.

The MTO Project Team says it is still working with the City to incorporate pedestrian + cycling crossings E-W across the Credit River, and N-S over the QEW at Stavebank Road.

Below are concept images presented at the MTO public workshop in December 2017.  There was no sign of these images at the PIC in November 2019.  NOTE: These images have been removed from the MTO project website but have been retained by TOPCA.


TOPCA Town Hall Meeting and AGM

BIG MEETING - We are so excited about the Port Credit 2029 series kickoff at our Town Hall & AGM on Monday, November 4, 2019 @ 7-9 pm at Clarke Hall, 161 Lakeshore Rd W (map).

We have just updated the Flyer again (shown at left) to reflect our growing list of sponsors, which is much appreciated so that we can provide hospitality to attendees and have a bunch of Prizes for the FREE Draws at the end of our brief Members' Business Meeting @ 9:10 - 9:30 pm, after the Town Hall (so please stick around).

First in the new TOPCA series: Port Credit 2029.

GIL PENALOSA - KEYNOTE SPEAKER: We are thrilled to welcome Gil (Guillermo) Penalosa, MBA, PhDhc, CSP.  Gil's full bio is extensive, but most importantly to us, Gil has a personal connection to PC, having worked here on Lakeshore Road over a decade ago, in the initial office of 8 80 Cities, which then was called Walk & Bike for Life.  Gil was a community mentor as citizens got together to deal with the beginnings of change in Port Credit.  Now Gil is known world-wide, and we want to give him a great Homecoming. He has generously waived his usual speaker's fee for us.  Gil will address Port Credit and Mississauga issues through his lens of international experience and consulting/advocacy for public spaces, sustainable mobility and quality of life issues in over 300 cities.

See: TOPCA's Port Credit 2029 webpage for more about this first meeting in the series.

TOPCA's Painted Bike Planters - Small Project Matching Grant from the City of Mississauga

PROJECT SUPPORT - At the TOPCA Heritage Bike Tour (September 29, 2019) we were thrilled to announce that TOPCA is the recipient of a Small Project Matching Grant (program description) from the City of Mississauga, to help us maintain our 'fleet' of painted bicycle planters over the next year.  The grant is directed towards painting supplies and new winter baskets which will provide a festive touch to the village during the cold months.

As well, we have received the City's go-ahead and support to install four (4) new bike planters around Port Credit which will have Spring plantings next year thanks to the grant.

All the bikes will bear new 'licence plates' with TOPCA contact information and also advising of the City's financial contribution to our bike planter project.  This new 'communications' feature for the bikes was written into our grant application and is an on-the-spot, public way to credit the City for its support this year.

We often see the TOPCA bike planters photographed, especially the 'signature' red one at the Port Credit Harbour, seen here (above) after its paint job (Summer 2019) with the help of students from Iona Catholic Secondary School (Twitter photos).

The Grant Program Project Theme for 2019 is: 'MOVE' - Active Transportation.  We can't think of a better way to have Port Credit residents and visitors "think bike" and consider riding their own bicycle around the village and beyond, to better enjoy the scenic waterfront and access the vibrant main street shops!

UPDATE (December 2019): We have completed the installation of festive winter baskets on the existing bike planter fleet, including the now snow-covered red Harbour bike (Twitter).

One Port Street East - EA Initiated for Proposed Marina

July 2019 - The City of Mississauga is initiating an Individual Environmental Assessment (EA) under Ontario’s Environmental Assessment Act for the 1 Port Street East Proposed Marina Project.

The EA will study the proposed expanded land base on what is known as the "eastern breakwater" for additional waterfront parkland, and examine marina alternatives for this site.

NOTE: Next public meeting will take place in January 2020Details pending.

See: City's 1 Port Street East Proposed Marina webpage for this EA project.

See: TOPCA's Port Credit (CLC) Marina Lands webpage.