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Port Credit Development


View submitted application documents on the City's Active development applications webpage (click Ward 1 tab for listing).

'10 West' site (Bowling Green block) (23 storey condo building)

42 Port Street East ('No Frills' site) (11 storey condo building + 4-storey retail / commercial)

42-46 Park Street East and 23 Elizabeth Street North (22 storey condo building)

70 Park Street East (replacing the parking stucture) (38 storey condo building)

88 Park Street East - formerly '0' Park Street East
(SE parking lot at Port Credit GO Station - 40 & 42 storey condo buildings)

91-93,99 Lakeshore Road East ('No Frills' site) (11 storey condo + retail/commercial)

128 Lakeshore Road East (Skinner & Middlebrook site) (11 storey condo building)

170 Lakeshore Road East (Planet Organic plaza site) (17 storey apartment building)

183-185 Lakeshore Road East (Village Court site) (single 7 storey apartment building)

420 Lakeshore Road East (Beer Store site) (12 ~now 9 per OLT~ storey condo building)


6-8-10 Ann Street (15-storey condo building)

21-29 Park Street East (15 storey condo building, next to the Port Credit Cenotaph Park)

55 Port Street East (9 storey condo building)

78 Park Street East and 22-28 Ann Street (22 storey condo building)

375 Lakeshore Road West (Godfrey's Lane townhomes)

501 Lakeshore Road East (Big Box retail-office complex in Lakeview)

CLC Marina Lands (One Port Street)

Imperial Oil brownfield (70 Mississauga Road South)

Indwell in Lakeview (425 Lakeshore Road East)

Lakeshore Road - Benson Avenue - High Street (block redevelopment)

Lakeview Village site (foot of Hydro Road, Lakeview)

No Frills site (2008) (91-93 & 99 Lakeshore Road East)

Port Credit GO Station mobility hub redevelopment

Port Credit Post Office site (31 Lakeshore Road East)

West Village (Port Credit) site now called "Brightwater" (70 Mississauga Road South)