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128 Lakeshore Road East (Skinner & Middlebrook site)

November 2022 - PUBLIC MEETING: Statutory meeting November 21, 2022 at the City's Planning and Development Committee (PDC).  A decision will be made by PDC on the application, prior to the final Council vote on the matter.

View PDC Agenda (Item 5.6).  The Recommendation Report (5p PDF) is posted as an attachment, and "concludes that the proposed official plan amendment and rezoning are not acceptable from a planning standpoint and should not be approved".

View the Recommendation Report Presentation (17-slide PDF).  IMAGE: Slide 14 from the Planning Staff presentation explaining the rationale for refusal of the application, per the Port Credit Local Area Plan.

FOLLOW-UP: The application was NOT APPROVED.  An appeal was already filed at the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) in June 2022.

 VIDEO: The archived video of Item 5.6 at the PDC meeting is accessible at the Agenda link (above) starting at 1:30:19.

June 2022 - PUBLIC MEETING: Virtual and in-person statutory meeting June 20, 2022 @ 6:00 pm at the City's Planning and Development Committee (PDC).

DEPUTATION: TOPCA Deputation (June 20, 2022) (2p PDF) made at PDC, based on resident comments received: "The Local Area Plan was put in place to help preserve and grow Port Credit’s vibrant retail corridor and to help support the City of Mississauga’s much-needed tourism industry.  If we provide random exemptions from this strategic approach to how we grow, every time a developer wants just a little more, we begin to erode the success we’ve been able to achieve."

 VIDEO: The archived video of Item 5.3 at the PDC meeting is accessible at the Agenda link (below) starting at 14:03.

View PDC Agenda (Item 5.3).  The Information Report (4p PDF) is posted as an attachment, and is only to be received for information.  Public comments received at this meeting will be included in the Recommendation Report (Date TBA) in support of PDC's future decision on the application.

NOTE: "Community Questions and Comments" made at the Community Meeting (March 29, 2022) are included in the Appendix: Detailed Information and Preliminary Planning Analysis on pages 27-28 of the 33p PDF.

Participate in the meeting to give your comments by following the instructions in the Information Report Notice (2p PDF - click first page image at left to zoom).

ON FACEBOOK? You can write your comments under our Facebook posting.

PETITION: There is a local online petition against this development proposal: STOP 128 LAKESHORE!!!, an 11 floor proposed building at Lakeshore Road E and Ann Street!

January 2022 - APPLICATION IN PROCESS: 128 Lakeshore Road East LP has submitted plans to redevelop the existing 2-storey Skinner & Middlebrook funeral home site at 128 Lakeshore Road East (map) at the NW corner of Lakeshore Road East and Ann Street.

PROPOSAL: 11 storey condominium building with 42 residential units, a car elevator for 37+ underground parking spots on three levels and ground floor retail uses.

VIRTUAL COMMUNITY MEETING: Councillor Stephen Dasko hosted a virtual Community Meeting on March 29, 2022 to allow the applicant and City planning staff to hear early reaction of the local residents.

IMAGE: Applicant’s rendering of proposed condominium building.  Click image to zoom.