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183-185 Lakeshore Road East (Village Court site)

August 2022 - FUTURE UPGRADE: SHIP has advised that their two affordable-housing buildings (image) will NOT be replaced but will undergo an assessment to determine the capital required to upgrade the existing space.  This decision has to do with the 20% increase in construction costs since they first considered the rebuild, as well as community and City requests to respect height limits for the Lakeshore Road Corridor.  SHIP's pro forma indicates the cost to rebuild would be similar to what it would have cost to build a 200-unit residence back in 2017.

June 2022 - TOPCA SURVEY: The TOPCA Executive has shared our thoughts and concerns with the CEO and CFO for SHIP and indicated we'd take it back to the residents for input via a SURVEY.

TOPCA SURVEY: (re Village Court site)

1)  The Port Credit Local Area Plan calls for 2-3 storeys maximum. Should we hold firm to the prescribed heights?

2)  Should we consider a concession to 4-5 storeys or allow for a 7-storey structure in this case?

3)  How could the 'iconic' metal signage be incorporated into anything new?

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SURVEY UPDATE: Feedback has confirmed that we, as a community, are supportive of affordable housing, but not at the expense of our Port Credit Local Area Plan (PCLAP).  Compromise is going to be required and in a subsequent June meeting with SHIP, we suggested the following: 1) That they revisit the mix of units required -- could they meet their 45-unit target if they opt for studios versus adding 2-bedroom units?  2) That the back parking be reviewed -- could the building footprint be expanded onto this high-value real estate?

April 2022 - PRELIMINARY PROPOSAL: The pair of red brick buildings located directly across from the Port Credit LCBO, at 183 and 185 Lakeshore Road East, is owned and operated by Services and Housing in the Province (SHIP) which offers subsidized rental accommodation for the 18 units in the two buildings.  This is known as the Village Court site (map).

TOPCA has been approached by our Councillor and SHIP’s CEO to gauge public opinion on having these two four-storey buildings (18 units total) razed to make way for a new, 45-unit single tower.  The caveat was that they would need a height of seven storeys – well beyond the two to three storeys allowed in Port Credit’s Local Area Plan (LAP).  In our June 2022 newsletter, we asked for your thoughts.  Does affordable housing trump the height restrictions planned for our main street?

PROPOSAL: SHIP is hoping to expand to 45 units by demolishing these two buildings and putting up a single, seven-storey structure, including 10-12 parking spaces behind, and mainstreet-level office/retail.  NOTE: Existing tenants would be re-homed in area buildings that currently work with SHIP and they would continue to pay a subsidized rent in the interim.