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78 Park Street East & 22-28 Ann Street

PDC MEETING: Monday, October 7, 2019 @ 6:00 pm at City Hall (Council Chamber) re: 22-storey, 313 (up to 345) unit condo building proposal.  View Meeting Notice (2p PDF; p1 posted at left).  This is a Public Meeting at the Planning and Development Committee.

Can't Attend?  The meeting will be live-streamed (and later archived by date) hereUPDATE: Live Stream timed out before Item 4.6; watch for the video archive!

See: TOPCA Facebook posting for comment.

NO DECISION is made by PDC to approve the Application (or not) at this meeting -- it is for information and to hear public comment only.

The 30-page Planning Staff Information Report is posted within the PDC Agenda (Item 4.6) for October 7, 2019 (direct link), starting on page 99 (to p128) of the PDF.

THE PLANNING COMMITTEE: Most Councillors + the Mayor comprise the standing PDC.  The Information Report will be presented by Planning Staff, including responses to public comments made at the Community Meeting in March 2019.  The Applicant (Edenshaw) may make a presentation about their Application.  PDC will then hear the comments of residents.

NO DECISION is made at this step in the process, but Councillors can ask questions of Planning staff to enhance their understanding, and residents may also ask questions or make comments.

NOTE:  Ward 1 Councillor Stephen Dasko held a Community Meeting about this application at Clarke Hall on March 25, 2019 (Meeting Notice) which was attended by over 100 residents.  Comments made at that meeting are recorded in the Information Report (p126 of the PDF).

NEXT STEP: Public input at this PDC Meeting will be noted for the Supplementary Report to be issued in a few months, which will contain the Planning staff recommendation to PDC regarding approval (or not) of the application.

Below: Concept images (from the Planning Report) for the concept and elevations:

APPLICATION FILED: June 24, 2019 (Date of NOTICE; posted in sidebar).  The formal Application revises the initial proposal as outlined at meetings detailed further below. The 22-storey condo proposal now comprises 313 residential units, three (3) live-work units and four (4) levels of underground parking.  The external building design has been altered.  TOPCA has received the paper plans as filed.  We will post the latest images here.

COMMUNITY MEETING: Monday, March 25, 2019 @ 7:00 pm at Clarke Hall in Port Credit (Notice, in sidebar).  Hosted by Ward 1 Councillor Stephen Dasko re: the 22-storey condo proposal (Edenshaw) at an assembled site on the Ann Street block north of Park Street East (see aerial context graphic further below).  Planning staff will attend the Community Meeting.  Edenshaw will present their plan.  ALL WELCOME.

NOTE: TOPCA reps attended an overview presentation by the Edenshaw development team on March 13, 2019 to learn details of their draft proposal, in preparation for the Port Credit Community Meeting on March 25, 2019.  The Ward 1 Councillor was also present.

NEXT STEP:  All public comments at the Community Meeting on March 25, 2019 will be recorded for an Information Report (along with all e-mails, etc. received from anyone in the community) which will be formally presented at a statutory Public Meeting (under the Planning Act) before the Planning and Development Committee (PDC) of Council.


The proposed building site is the assemblage of five (5) lots along Ann Street (north of Park Street East) with existing single-family homes, which have all been approved for demolition at the City's Heritage Advisory Committee (HAC).  Not included with the site is the house at 30 Ann Street, at the top of the block nearest the Port Credit GO Station (at Queen Street East).  Concept image at left.

View Edenshaw's site environs context photos dated: March 18, 2019 (5p PDF - slides).

Ann Street block north of Park Street East (Google maps satellite view - walkabout)

This is a long, narrow site, and the architect has indicated it was a challenge to design the 22-storey building within the constraints of the urban design guidelines and Official Plan policies in place.  No Official Plan Amendment (OPA) is required, but a Zoning Bylaw change is required as the site is still zoned for 8 storeys.

NOTE: The 'Century Park' building at 70 Park Street East (visible behind the block) is 27 storeys, but will look smaller due to lower ceilings in those units, per buildings of its era.  The new building will be stepped to vary the height.

There are 350 units and 228 parking spaces (a ratio of .7 versus the standard of 1.1 - 1.2) in reflection of the building's proximity to the Port Credit mobility hub.  The Port Credit Local Area Plan calls for 3000 square feet of commercial use on the ground floor, but there is question as to its viability / advisability in this location, away from mainstreet retail on Lakeshore Road.

Edenshaw has not yet submitted their application to the City. The following image has been provided to TOPCA for posting in advance of the Community Meeting on March 25, 2019.

NOTE:  While an image of the proposed 22-storey condo building was shown at the overview meeting, thus far we have not received it. We are told the design is under some revision.

Ann Street site context aerial graphic (Edenshaw image)