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No-Frills site

REVIVAL: For new development info about this site, see the August 2022 Home Page article: 'No Frills' Plan: Improvements for Re-application.

April 2008 - An application has been made by Dr. Bill James (Centre City Capital) to redevelop the No-Frills site at 91-93 & 99 Lakeshore Road East and
42 Port Street East to include a 10-storey condominium residence (stepping down to 4 storeys) on Port Street with 56 units, and a 4-storey building (stepping down to 2-storeys) fronting onto Lakeshore Road East with ground level retail and second floor commercial / office use.  The Montgomery House (currently occupied by Second Cup) is proposed to be restored with a 1-storey read addition.  There will be an internal courtyard with access from Elizabeth Street as well as Lakeshore Road.  File number: OZ 08/009 W1.  Image shown is looking East.

Click for PHOTO looking South from Lakeshore Road. 

COUNCIL MEETING: June 20, 2012 at CITY HALL (Council Chamber). 
Click to view the TOPCA Presentation to Council about the grocery store issue, citizen involvement in the site plan and the Section 37 negotiation (community bonusing). 

PUBLIC MEETING:  June 11, 2012 at CITY HALL (Council Chamber).  This was a formal Public Meeting held under the Ontario Planning Act. 
Click for the MEETING NOTICE (shown at right).
Click for the Planning Staff Supplementary Report (56p PDF) dated May 22, 2012, written further to the Community Meeting at Clarke Hall on March 26, 2012.  THIS REPORT WILL BE DISCUSSED AT THE PUBLIC MEETING.  (report might take a few moments to download).

Click to review VIVA PC's remarks to PDC (Planning and Development Committee of Council) on February 2, 2009, now augmented with pictures. (21p PDF).





As reviewed at the TOPCA AGM on November 15, 2007, there are plans for a new development on the site of the present No Frills grocery store.  The official application was received by the City on April 23, 2008.  TOPCA has been represented at meetings with the developer (Centre City Capital Limited) to learn what is proposed, and to provide input to the developer and to City planning staff.

FIRST COMMUNITY MEETING:  There was a Ward 1 Community Meeting concerning this development application on June 26, 2008 at CLARKE HALL.
Click here for details about the application.
The developer's complete visual presentation at the Community Meeting is available below.

There was a formal Public Meeting held under the Ontario Planning Act on February 2, 2009 in the Council Chamber at City Hall.  The Planning Dept's Information Report (29p PDF) including the latest design details is available online.
Mississauga News article (Feb. 3, 2009): Port Credit development billed as 'community landmark'.

The Planning Dept. advised on February 15, 2011 that additional information requested from the developer is currently being reviewed by City staff, with some requested materials still outstanding: "We are still working through some of the issues with the applicant (e.g. the proposed streetscape along Lakeshore Rd.) and they still have not addressed all our issues or submitted all information requested.  We will not schedule a Supplementary Report until this happens."  The developer has made it known that they are trying to secure a grocery store tenant (as strongly requested by the community) in the new mainstreet retail component of the mixed-use (residential / office / retail) site.

SECOND COMMUNITY MEETING:  There was a second public meeting on March 26, 2012 at CLARKE HALL, hosted by Ward 1 Councillor Jim Tovey to discuss the proposal, given that time that had elapsed since the last public meeting in 2009. 
Click for the MEETING NOTICE.
Mississauga News article (March 27, 2012): Residents worry they'll lose grocery store.

Waterside Residences Presentation: June 26, 2008

The developer of the No Frills site has provided the exact visual presentation as shown at the June 26th Community Meeting at Clarke Hall, along with this disclaimer:

 The contents of the following presentation are the property of Centre City Capital Limited.  This presentation is being provided to the ratepayers and local population of Port Credit for the purpose of providing information as to the proposed development described therein and the information and images contained within the presentation may not be used for any other purpose.” 

Click here to view the Presentation: I agree to the proprietary terms above.

Index of Images (by PDF page number) in the Presentation:

  1. Aerial photo of Port Credit showing the current "No Frills" site (outlined in red)
  2. Closer (overhead) aerial photo of the current site (outlined in red)
  3. Lakeshore Road ground-level photo, looking East from Elizabeth St.
  4. Lakeshore Road, ground-level photo, looking East from Helene St.
  5. Lakeshore Road, ground-level photo, looking East from past Helene St.
  6. Port Street E. ground-level photo, looking East from the No Frills site
  7. St. Lawrence Park photo, looking East from parking lot
  8. St. Lawrence Park photo, looking West from playground area
  9. Photo of The Regatta building from St. Lawrence Park, looking West
  10. Photo of the sight corridor from West bank of Credit River to Port St. E. and The Waterside Inn
  11. Snug Harbour Restaurant and swans on the Credit River
  12. Memorial Park East, looking North from Lakeshore Road Credit River Bridge
  13. Aerial site diagrams of development: massing rationale
  14. Side view diagram of development: Elizabeth St. S.
  15. Aerial photo of the East harbour area with inset overhead diagram of the proposed development
  16. As above, showing side view elevation of The Waterside Residences condo
  17. Ground-floor plan, 1:300, Jan. 2008: proposed commercial and condo elements, including Montgomery House
  18. Second-floor plan, as above
  19. Third-floor plan, as above
  20. Fourth-floor plan, as above
  21. Approximate scale model
  22. Lakeshore Road facade: depiction of commercial complex with condo in rear
  23. Courtyard depiction from Elizabeth St. S., with rear of commercial complex
  24. Port St. E. ground-level depiction (North side), looking West to condo