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City and Region

  • 1% Infrastructure Property Tax Levy
  • BC21 Project: Our Future Mississauga
  • Recycling


1% Infrastructure Property Tax Levy

1% Tax Levy

On November 7, 2007, City Council adopted Resolution 0273-2007 concerning a 5% Special Infrastructure Levy on property owners for 2008.  This was an “in principle” resolution, pending forthcoming budgets from the Provincial and Federal governments in early 2008 which may provide monies for Cities. 

Click on this link: to access the City’s web page on the Cities Now! Campaign which provides information about ongoing infrastructure funding issues. TOPCA plans to support the City to pursue sustainable funding from the Provincial and Federal Governments.

 What do you think?  You can e-mail your comments to the City:

Please also consider copying:  in order that the TOPCA Executive can better represent your views in TOPCA’s formal response to the City!



  • The Region of Peel has highlighted some of the problematic non-recyclable items that are being placed in the recycling stream at the curb and in multi-residential units.  Click here to see pictures of the Top 5 Non-Recyclable Items found in the Blue Box.  Of most concern: home health-care waste, household hazardous waste, dishes and cookware, shoes and textiles, and automotive parts.