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Credit River

Presented by Heritage Mississauga (click for more info)

CREDIT RIVER HERITAGE DESIGNATION:  The well-attended April 2, 2011 event: 'Giving Our River Its Credit' demonstrated strong support for continuing the process towards heritage river designation for the Credit River.  All the comments and supporting materials appear on a brand new website.  Credit Valley Conservation needs to build support from a wide range of stakeholders and participants within the Credit River community.  CVC is in the early stages of forming a community based advisory team to help guide the Canadian Heritage River nomination process.  This process was later discontinued.

CREDIT RIVER PARKS STRATEGY:  The 27km of river that flows through the City divides Mississauga east to west, is home to thousands of animals and plants and is a natural wonder within our urban environment, culminating at the Port Credit Harbour.  With over 1500 acres of parkland along the river (including Port Credit Memorial Park East and West), the area has the potential "green" infrastructure to support a strong natural heritage system, all-season recreation, leisure, education and relaxation activities, according to the City.

A kick-off Open House was held on November 23, 2010 to share experiences and ideas for the natural areas and City parks along the Credit River.  The purpose of this introductory meeting was to gather information and develop a greater understanding of the interests and experiences of those who regularly use the river, its natural areas and municipal parkland.

Click for the City's CRPS webpage, including a map of the entire river valley south from the 407, all presentations to date, and contact information for any comments.

QEW CREDIT RIVER BRIDGE:  The QEW Credit River Bridge Rehabilitation Holding Strategy Study and QEW Credit River Bridge Class Environmental Assessment Study are in preparation for this very significant infrastructure project for Mississauga, with the potential to also improve pedestrian and cycling connectivity and create a more liveable city.  Many interested stakeholder groups and individuals are participating.

See: TOPCA's QEW Credit River Bridge webpage for complete postings.