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  • Natural Gas-fired Power Plants in Mississauga South
  • Credit River Parks Strategy

STUDY ABOUT THE LAKE ONTARIO SHORELINE:  The Credit Valley Conservation Authority (CVC) is now conducting a community study in the Lakeshore area of Mississauga.  Click for the Lake Ontario Integrated Shoreline Study (LOISS) webpage a.k.a. 'Living by the Lake'.  There will be a public meeting in early 2012.


Natural Gas-fired Power Plants in Mississauga South

LEARNINGS FROM THE SHERWAY POWER PLANT:  July 24.  The plant is being relocated, per the Statement by Energy Minister Chris Bentley on July 10, 2012.  The government decree that any citizen opposition to power plants in their neighbourhoods would be viewed as NIMBY has proven to be an expensive misstep: citizens MUST ALWAYS be consulted, and in Mississauga South we have faced the threat of power plants for years: in Lakeview (proposed conversion to gas), Sherway, Clarkson and Oakville.

Lakeview Ratepayers Association today issued a Press Release addressing recent media coverage and historical background of the plant.

Click image for MIRANET Sherway plant webpage with chronology.


  • For information on the power plants issue, go to  TOPCA is a member of the Mississauga Residents' Association Network (MIRANET), which passed a Resolution, January 2009 regarding the proposed gas-fired power plant for the Clarkson Airshed Study area.