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VIVA Port Credit

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VIVA Port Credit was formed in 2007 as an Alliance of diverse citizen groups with a common interest and a shared vision for Port Credit.  TOPCA is one of the founding member groups.

Any representation or action by VIVA Port Credit reflects the consensus of all member groups, and requires endorsement by each individual group's Executive.  The member groups have continuing autonomy, with their own mandates and independent procedures.  TOPCA has a designated representative on the VIVA PC Board. 

The purpose of the Alliance is to nurture collective ideals and initiatives that respect Port Credit’s heritage and express a commitment to our community's future.

Member Groups include:

  • Town of Port Credit Association (TOPCA)
  • Friends of Old Port Credit Village
  • Port Credit Village Project
  • Credit Reserve Association (CRA)
  • Mississauga South Historical Society
  • Heritage Mississauga
  • The Heritage Information Network (THIN)
    [An initiative of Heritage Mississauga]
  • Walk & Bike for Life (W&BL)  [Int’l non-profit group based in Port Credit]
  • The Centre for Landscape Research, University of Toronto  [Consultant]

VIVA Port Credit sponsored a public meeting on Place Making on Sept. 11, 2007.  This was a pivotal moment, where all segments of the Port Credit community came together to hear Helle Søholt, a Danish architect and founding partner of Gehl Architects speaking about how Place Making could be used to enhance Port Credit's village character and quality of life.  Click here to see the Google video of Helle's presentation.

VIVA Port Credit sponsored a Walk and Bike Workshop on Jan. 17, 2008, facilitated by Walk & Bike for Life, a non-profit group (also a member of VIVA PC) that is now located in Port Credit.   Click here to view the Workshop report, entitled: Walking & Bicycling: Creating a Great South Mississauga Community.

VIVA PC has been actively working to elicit ideas and engage the community in the current District Policies Review process.  The Volunteer team has produced a detailed White Paper providing the City with valuable feedback and ideas as they review the policies and plans that will shape Port Credit's future.

Port Credit: An Urban Village for the 21st Century; A Model Community for the World
White Paper (May 2008) submitted by VIVA Port Credit
Click here to view the White Paper (40p illustrated PDF)

  • On Sept. 5, 2008, TOPCA and other member groups of VIVA Port Credit presented a PowerPoint presentation to the City: A Vision for Port Credit, based on the White Paper and subsequent public response at a community meeting sponsored by TOPCA on June 4, 2008.
    Click here to view VIVA PC's Presentation to the City

  • Click here to read the Mississauga News article: 'Residents applaud new Port Credit vision' (June 4, 2008)

  • Click here to read the Mississauga News op-ed column: 'Dream of a new Port Credit' (July 8, 2008)

  • The Directions Report on the Port Credit District Policies Review was presented and discussed at a public meeting of Council's Planning and Development Committee Nov. 17, 2008.  This report draws on the extensive citizen input given over the last year, including VIVA Port Credit's White Paper, and affirms the Port Credit District Vision: 'Evolving the Urban Village'.  Click here to read the Mississauga News article: 'Report on future is prelude of things to come'.

    An electronic version of the Directions Report is available on the City's webpage -- CHECK IT OUT by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on the report components.